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Luxe Silk False Lash

Luxe Silk False Lash

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What it is:
The Luxe Silk Lash Collection features a range of handmade lashes designed for every eye shape.

What it does:
This set of high-quality false lashes is made with the softest and finest synthetic hair fibers, making them very light-weight, comfortable to wear, and easy to apply. The lightweight silk fibers in the Luxe Silk Lash Collection are designed to enhance your eyes by adding a subtle amount of fullness, volume, and length making them look and feel real. The anti-stick band increases the number of uses and is easy to clean.

Duchess Lashes: create a fuller appearance by enhancing the eye with a subtle amount of volume and length for the most natural look.
Heiress Lashes: offer natural, fluttery, and flirty looks with more length and volume at the center for an eye-opening effect.
Royal Lashes: add drama, yet are still lightweight. This voluminous lash is layered with wispy silk fibers and has added length on the outer corners.

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